Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Windsor workshop

Windsor Workshop 

December 2014

By C. Scott Watson

Back in December Owen and I travelled down to Windsor for the annual workshop run by the British Society for Geomorphology designed for first year PhD students. Accommodation is provided in the 17th-century Cumberland Lodge, located in the grounds of Windsor Great Park...don't forget your running shoes.

The course provides an introduction to undertaking a PhD and includes skills based training elements such as project design, conducting fieldwork, publishing, modelling, and python coding. We met PhD students from across Europe and had the chance to design a PhD independent from our own work and think about the timescales involved. The opportunity to present your own research ideas to small groups and receive feedback from academics other than your supervisors was also a very useful experience  when thinking about the best way to approach your research.

Overall the workshop provided a great introduction to what you should expect during a PhD but meeting fellow PhD newbies (with completely different research topics) and hearing about their ideas and  research techniques was one of the most memorable parts. The workshop comes highly recommended!

A few snaps:

A spot of deer stalking

The view to Windsor Castle

A Structure-from-Motion derived Duke of Edinburgh